Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love a banquette!

While in Mexico last week, I became INCREDIBLY inspired by this month's issue of House Beautiful. First of all, the title of the issue itself makes me giddy- The Power of Pink!! I ran across a page (pg 38) entitled 'I'm looking for a banquette.' It showed all of these really cool banquettes (of course they were a little pricey) and I thought about how I love to sit on them and that it was a really cool way to bring some color and texture to a kitchen or dining table. Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams ( have a REALLY cool banquette for ROUND tables that I love love love, but alas, it is $1710 (depending on the fabric grade)-- not in my budget! Another option is to build a banquette, depending on the layout of your breakfast nook of course. Serena from Serena and Lily ( reinvented the breakfast area in her kitchen with a built in banquette and then brought in color and texture with fun pillows!

I decided my kitchen table would look good with a banquette and thus began my search. I certainly didn't have to go far. Little did I remember, I had one right in my own house- I just wasn't using it at the table. I decided to mix my wooden and upholstered chairs to make it more interesting. Don't be afraid to mismatch your dining chairs! Here is a picture of the banquette in my kitchen- fun, huh?

Banquette purchased at HomeGoods $99
Kitchen table from PotteryBarn Outlet $299
Filagree Dining chairs from PotteryBarn Outlet $99 each
Parsons chairs from HomeGoods $79 each
Drum Shade fixture from HomeGoods $39.99


  1. i am NOT believing you found the banquette for $99. I mean. Looks great!

  2. Girl, it was in the clearance section, how crazy is that??? I had it reupholstered to match my new look in my new house, but the former fabric was cute too! Let me look, I might have a pic of it in the previous fabric!