Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2010: Ten Favorites- #1

I am a finder by nature. I know good stuff. Many things inspire me, fashion, design, travel.... and i wanna share! I thought I would start off with some fav finds from 2010- a blur of a year for me, but the best year of my life, as my baby girl Kendall arrived!

One day while living in Atlanta, I stumbled upon this random shade at a local boutique near my home in Virginia Highlands- Armour & Co. In the clearance bin I found what is now my dining room fixture- for $20! I hired an electrician here in Nashville and presto! Never underestimate a clearanced item you can repurpose!
Other finds in the pic:
-crossback chairs ($16 each) and farm table ($995) from Southeastern Salvage
-parsons chairs ($50 each) from P.D's here in Nashville (been a fav spot for 10 years now!)
-Ethiopian Cross is from my travels to Kenya


  1. I am already a forever fan. THIS IS AWESOME.

  2. So glad you started this blog! Maybe I'll get some much-needed inspiration to finish my empty rooms!!! I am so indecisive and can never make a decision..for fear it'll be the wrong one!

  3. so....this was the first pic i came across (after your beautiful fun mug) and i thought that it came from a magazine or a catalog until i read your post. i love your eye and your emphasis on thrift without out being "cheap". Wonderful!

  4. Shelli:
    I included your blog on my blog list of sites under "Home Decorating"! oosterhous.blogspot.com